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Try Our Amazing Rivers Cruises and Experience a City’s “Riverscape”

One of the fastest growing sectors of the cruise industry is river cruising, with more than one million people a year taking to the world’s river or inland waterways. River cruising is an ideal way to learn the history, embrace the culture and absorb the beauty of Europe, South East Asia, Russia and China. There are cruises all over the waterways of Europe including France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and Romania, as well as Asia including the mighty Yangtze in China, Vietnam, Cambodia or the Ganges in India.

River cruise vessels are built for you to enjoy the ever-changing scenery (or ‘riverscape’) at eye level. Port stops in Europe allow you to visit medieval villages in Germany, taste world-class wine in France, watch opera in Vienna and the tulips in the Netherlands. You can even combine a series of rivers to cruise all the way from Amsterdam to the Black Sea. You typically sail by day and dock at night, so you can leave the vessel to go out for dinner in the evening and sleep without the sound of the engine. You will also get to travel with locals as more than 50 per cent of the passengers are typically European.